Your Teacher

Eliane George, director of Music Together Riviera, is passionate about music and the development of children.

All classes are led by Eliane.


ElianeCertification level I

What a delight it is to share the joy of making music together and support families’ musical journey through such a wholesome program! 

I grew up in a musical family, playing piano-violin duets with my father and conducting musical groups as a teenager. Holding a piano pedagogy degree from Lausanne, I started to teach piano during my Conservatory years and continue to this day - 40 years later!

I then moved to California where I completed my Bachelor in music composition, produced concerts and composed  and conducted concert and film music.

Then, desirous to refine my piano coaching skills, I earned a Master in Psychology.

And what about Music Together in all that?

I got news of Music Together while in California and loved it! I had taken a similar training in Lausanne for one year, so the Music Together program was a natural continuation for me. I took my teacher’s training in 2009 and started teaching in 2012.

Music Together is really special to me as it fosters the child’s development from a holistic point of view. It cultivates the child’s musical skills, motor and senses coordination, language acquisition and social skills - in a relaxed setting in relation with the parent. And I just love that mix!

My enthusiasm to pass on the joy of music making continues to grow and Music Together is a delicious opportunity to extend it to the younger audience and the whole family!