Here's what some of our families have to say about our Music Together® classes...

* Chère Eliane,

Notre fille a deux ans et participe aux cours de Music Together depuis un peu plus d'une année. Depuis quelques semaines, nous entendons une voix qui met beaucoup de joie dans notre maison et cela nous amuse beaucoup, mon conjoint et moi. Aussi, notre fille qui apparemmment prend beaucoup de plaisir à faire la classe durant son bain: elle installe ses petits animaux (jouets de bain) sur le rebord de la baignoire et tape ses mains sur ses genoux ou vous imite à la guitare et chante 'Hello Everybody' ou 'Hello to Doudou. Mille mercis pour le partage que vous nous offrez. E

* Dear Eliane,

I would just like to say how much we enjoy your classes and how wonderful it has been for us seeing A. grow to love music and dancing so much. We have been coming since A. was 9 months old and found that she started singing very early and now it is just a joy to hear her singing most days at 2.5 years old. She also asks for the 'Hello' song to be played most days and loves singing it to her babies! She also started clapping her knees like we do in the class for the 'Hello' song from very early on which was very sweet to see, and banging on things or shaking them and saying music! We would just like to say how much we appreciate the enthusiasm, joy, and energy you bring to class which really makes it such a special moment for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and keep the music coming!  H.

* Chère éliane,

Juste un petit mot pour vous remercier de ces moments extraordinaires vécus avec vous à ‘Music Together Riviera’ pendant ces 4 dernières années.

Ma fille adorait venir danser, s’amuser et chanter à votre cours et elle continuait de chanter les chansons à la maison. en voiture, elle écoutait les cd de music together en boucle et connaissait des couplets entiers par cœur.

Elle a commencé l’école maintenant et nous n’avons plus la possibilité de venir, mais nous pensons souvent avec nostalgie et joie à tous ces moments de bonheur musicaux vécus avec vous.

C’était aussi fabuleux pour moi de partager ces moments avec ma fille. nous continuons d’écouter les cd qui la familiarise aussi avec l’anglais. Ces premières années en musique ont ouvert ma fille à l’univers grandiose de la musique et je suis sûre que ca va être très profitable pour la suite à l’école.

Encore un tout grand merci pour votre gentillesse et votre bonne humeur. Vous réussissez parfaitement  à partager votre passion de la musique ! Je suis très contente de vous avoir connue !

Bonne continuation et encore bravo et merci !!!     D.

We tried out our first Music Together class when M. was 4 months old and we instantly adored Eliane as a teacher and the method to introduce music to children of all ages. Eliane is energetic and has a true passion for music and children. It comes through in how she engages and brings to life every song. She uses instruments, movements and M. always has a blast. And she always shares great insights on the links between child development and music, helping parents maximize the benefits of the classes. The CD with the songs from each semester is our usual music in the car and makes our trips much easier! 

* Chère Eliane,

Cela fait un an que je participe à votre cours Music Together et je ne m'en lasse pas. Quelle chance de pouvoir faire découvrir la musique de cette manière à mes deux enfants! Lorsque l'on vient au cours, la grande est sur la réserve et observe beaucoup, alors que le plus jeune s'en donne à coeur joie! Il danse, il joue avec les instruments proposés, il rigole!

A la maison, nous avons droit à des démonstrations de danse, de chante et de rires. Les enfants écoutent tous les jours les DC que l'on reçoit, ils prennent leur bain en musique. Music Together apporte beaucoupd de bonheur et de moments de joie partagés en famille.  Merci Eliane :)   S. et les enfants.

My daugther started Music Together when she turned 5 months old. Not only these classes are fun but also educational for both adults and children. Parents receive research based handouts each week that provide tips for child's cognitive & personality development. Eliane keeps classes fresh and entertaining by introducing new activies each trimester. The classes have helped our daughter to get into a morning/evening routine (brushing teeth, washing hands, face, etc..) Music Together has also helped my child to express herself both emotionally and physically. My daughter's musical interest has definitely evolved since starting classes a year ago and Eliane knows exactly how to sustain and develop it even further. Our whole family enjoys the Music Together journey and we thank you for this! 

* Dear Eliane,
Sharing music, dance and experiences with you, the others kids and parents over the last couple of years has been a remarkable journey.
I was able to see and feel how S. opened up to music and embraced it with gusto. I like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for I know that without MTR, S.'s love of music would not be the same.
Believe it or not she is still signing the welcome and farewell songs by herself. And every now and then "Don Alfredo".
It is a most wonderful thing to be able to see what music and dance can do for kids.
There are no words for it. It is a mind opening and developing experience like no other.
Keep up the good work. You are an excellent teacher and your passion for what you do shines through.
We'll sure come by to visit when we come to Switzerland.
Thank you from the 3 of us,
S, M & M

My girls love participating in the Music Together classes. The combination of songs, instruments and dancing keeps them engaged and Eliane is a dynamic and enthusiastic teacher! The girls always ask for the music in the car so they can sing along. In the bath they sing the toes song ("I have toes, you have toes, we have toes..."), if they see a horse they will break into the horse song ("trot on Joe"), and we now have a collection of instruments, scarves and shakers at home so they can copy what they learn in the classes! As a mother I really appreciate that I can bring more than one child to the classes. Eliane focuses on making music fun and her classes are such an excellent way for a child to start exploring the world of music. I highly recommend them. H and the girls. 

* Chère Eliane

Nous sommes très heureuses avec Alexandra de vous avoir rencontrée.

Alexandra est une enfant qui observe toujours beaucoup avant de s'implique, et il y a tant à enregistrer pendant ces heures de musique!

Mais elle enregistre avec beaucoup de bonheur, car à peine sortie de vos cours, elle demande à écouter la musique - à savoir les morceaux du CD que vous nous avez donné, encore et encore. Nous n'avons plus écouté la radio depuis des mois!

Une fois arrivée à la maison, elle reproduit tous les gestes que vous faites, les chansons (à sa façon bien sûr), elle nous demande chaque jour de participer à ses danses, et ses rondes au sol assis en tailleur. Nous devons aussi écouter, car elle met tout son quotidien en chanson et chante ses 2 chansons préférées presque tous les jours depuis que l'on vous connait: à savoir, 'Goodbye' qui est sa préférée de toutes, et ensuite 'Hello everybody' dont elle sait déjà produire la première phrase, alors qu'elle ne parlait pas anglais avant de vous connaitre.

Pendant le souper ce soir, elle a mis ses petites mains de chaque côté de sa bouche et a commencé à chanter comme nous l'avions fait avec vous vendredi dernier ,.-)

L'autre jour, nous marchions dans la neige, et sans prévenir elle s'est couchée par terre, et a commencé à reproduire les tonalités de la gamme en mettant les mains comme vous à son front, puis son torse et en terminant par taper sur son ventre ... tout en chantant sol, mi, fa ...

Elle est si heureuse de venir vous voir qu'elle se prépare 2 heures à l'avance, alors qu'elle ne veut jamais s'habiller pour toute autre sortie!

Je vous remercie auss Eliane pour votre bienveillance et votre chaleur envers nos enfants et nous mêmes. C'est assez rare pour être souligné. Et cela met à l'aise Alexandra qui nous parle de vous chaque jour en nous disant qu'elle 'fait comme Eliane'.

Et au vu de tout le plaisir que prend d’Alexandra à venir vous voir, je crois bien que nous allons encore continuer un bout de chemin ensemble.
A très bientôt.  V & A.

* 'We just returned from our summer holidays, which involved driving up to P. and beyond, to N., and I wanted to tell you that the MusicTogether CD was a complete life-saver in the car! We listened to it during most of the long hours spent driving, and it kept A. very happy. She even did the accompanying hand gestures for several of the songs, which I didn't realize she knew since she never did them in the class. It was quite cute and we are excited to see how she reacts to the class when it starts up again. 

Heh heh ... in fact we also use the Hello Song for many things theres days - our daughter loves it! It amazes me how useful it is for those tricky moments when we need to calm her down, or persuade her to do something she's not in the mood for (''Hello, dirty diaper, it's time to change you! Hello, clean diaper, so glad to see you!''). I didn't expect this at all!' 

So, thank you again for the awesome class we did in the last semester, and see you soon, in September! :)


* Hello Eliane, 

My son and I have been going to Music Together with Eliane since he was 6 months old (now he is 3). At first he was very observant of the other kids playing and dancing. he quickly caught in the fun with the rhythms and signing. His favorite moment is when we play instruments on the “do what you want” song. The CD’s we get at every plays in the car all the time. Those cd’s actually helped us keep our son calm and happy in the car, where he sings along! Eliane is very nice and full of energy with the kids, they all love her! Thank you for all the good memories Eliane!  V. and T.

* ''Our two kids love Music Together songs and classes with Eliane! They started at the age of 2,5yo and 8m and have made an incredible musical development. The first 8 weeks, the older child just observed during the class, but asked to put the cd right away in the car and at home! They vividly studied the song book, made up their own lyrics: "Walking down the street feeling good in my ... shoes!! (Bongos collection), commented: "Mom, what a great funny song!" referring to "Two little kitty cats" from Bells collection or encouraged one another: "Come on! It is fun! You love it? I love it!!".

As a parent I really appreciate Eliane's musical background, enthusiasm and involvement! I also like that it is not yet another music class where you drop off your child, waiting on the corridor with your second little child! I love that it is a program for the whole family, because especially music has the potential for encouraging fun together! A.'' 

* ''Une belle expérience de partage musical avec ma fille depuis 2 ans déjà ! Music Together nous accompagne partout : en voiture, à la maison (avec le CD d'une part et son papa lui joue aussi à la guitare grâce aux partitions fournies!), aux cours, chez les grands-parents ... Elle adore et toute la famille avec ! Les musiques sont belles et variées ! C'est un repère qui nous réjouit chaque semaine ! En plus du plaisir partagé, nous mesurons aussi l'impact positif sur son éveil musical et corporel. Elle chante juste et avec plaisir ! Merci Eliane ! A.'' 

* Dear Eliane

I felt very lucky to participate in the Music Together Riviera classes with Eliane, in Lausanne.

My daughter was 14 months when we joined this wonderful music course. We had a lot of fun together, learned many songs, received very 'first' music education and met nice people.
Eliane makes every lesson full of joy, she creates very nice atmosphere, concentrates on each child and supports parents to guide their kids discovering first tones, songs, different rhythms and moves. My daughter learned a lot (we attended only 6 months because we moved out after that) and I could see a great effect on her. She learned how to sing different melodies, how to express different rhythms by her moves, and she found new friends there. She has several favorite songs which she wants to listen all day long. I highly recommend Eliane's music classes to everyone who wants to spend a nice time with their kids and give them the best basic musical education and also the love of music.  M. & E

* "It's the second sequence of Music Together courses that we're attending with my son Arthur, who will be turning 3 in a few months, and I'm really thrilled about the outcome and the way my son lives music at home: he sometimes sings when playing alone, makes us sing at dinner time, and tonight, after the class this morning, while I was putting him to bed, he started singing, varying from low to high pitch voice, mimicking the gesture we made in the morning...we sang four different songs and when I sang him 'Hello Everybody', he made a special version just for me, 'hello maman chérie so glad to see you', that was really lovely!" 

* "Both my daughter and her nanny thoroughly enjoy the Music Together classes...it's the highlight of the week for both of them! My daughter loves the music and the class and we cannot get into the car without her requesting the CDs. It really is amazing."  

* ''Our daughter started Music Together just before she turned one year. At first, she was very quiet and shy during the classes, but at home she was singing all the songs and was replicating what she had seen, which was really impressive. With time, she has started to participate more and more during the classes and really takes pleasure to attend. She is a big fan of her teacher and runs out of the house when I tell her that it's time to go see Eliane. 

She is also asking for the Music Together songs every time that we take the car! We really see the positive impact of the music on our daughter and definitely recommend Music Together!'' 

''Bonjour Eliane,

Je me permets de vous écrire pour vous annoncer que nous ne pourrons pas nous inscrire à la prochaine session d'automne ni au cours proposé pour les plus grands car nous allons déménager en région xxx début septembre prochain. Je sais que nous ne trouverons jamais une aussi bonne prof et un cours de musique aussi stimulant, dynamique et positif que le vôtre. C'est donc avec un pincement au coeur que je vous l'annonce et que je préfère le faire de cette manière (par écrit). L. va vraiment regretter vos cours car elle les adore m'eme si elle l'exprime timidement encore :-) En tous les cas, la musique est en elle et je pense que nous avons une petite musicienne en herbe. C.P.'' 

* ''My daughter is now almost 3 years old and we’ve been coming to Music Together for 6 sessions. It took some time but she learned the words to the songs and happily sings along in the car. In class, she has started to participate by following the movements. Thanks to Eliane for bringing her passion and dedication to class each week.''  

* Au sujet de notre party de fin d'année, 'Music in the Park'... ''Un tout grand merci Eliane pour ce cadeau que vous nous avez fait que de passer un moment en famille dans un cadre magnifique dans la joie et la bonne humeur loin des tracas quotidiens de chacun! Belle semaine! WM.''

* And from a mother: 'Today, Dario made a little circle with all his stuffed animals, got his little guitar, and started singing your songs to his "children"! :) Have a nice day. Helena' 

* "Laura started Music Together when she was around 10 months old, I have seen her develop a real passion for music and rhythm. She makes up her own songs, singing about her day to the tune of the songs from class. Our teachers, Eliane and Yvonne are fantastic and make it a really fun session for all involved. Additionally, the parents/carers get information and an insight as to how the music and tonal patterns encourage the child's development/learning in the long term."   Nerissa and Laura

* "We have been participating in Music Together for 2.5 years, first in the U.S and now in Lausanne. Music Together is an extraordinary musical experience for young children. Here in Lausanne, Eliane and Yvonne are two excellent teachers who make each class a unique experience - a weekly highlight for our boys. Each program is composed of a large selection of musical styles, including classical children's songs and folk songs from around the world, and it's a very good listen for adults and kids alike. Our boys love it - they sing the songs all day long and the CDs are always with us - at home and when we travel"   Yvonne with Alexander and Roman

* "Notre fille observait beaucoup lorsque nous avons commencé Music Together et ne participait pas vraiment, mais au bout de quelques séances, nous avons observé un grand changement. Elle adore ce moment et attend avec impatience chaque semaine une nouvelle classe. Elle participe activement et chante par coeur les chansons. Elle aime la diversité entre les instruments, les chansons plus rythmique ou plus calme. En plus, ne parlant pas l'anglais à la maison, elle chante avec plaisir en anglais. Dès qu'elle entre dans la voiture, elle demande à Maman, tu mets MON CD? C'est un moment de partage et des instants fort entre nous. Merci Eliane et Yvonne" 

* ''Hi Eliane, just wanted to say “thank you” for today’s fun and animated class! L-N really enjoyed it and has been in a good mood ever since. Looking forward to your next classes!''

I welcome your thoughts and comments about the classes, you can email them at:

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